We takes KYC and AML Very Seriously. We have complieance with FCA, EU5AML, EU6AML and CySec, MAS, FINMA, BaFIN, HKMA and BIS

We provide an all-in-one technical and legal toolkit for the whole compliance process (KYC/KYB/AML) that includes:

  1. Automated onboarding. A single solution to onboard users (both companies and individuals) with the ability of parallel regulatory onboarding for different user groups.
  2. AML policy automation – tools for setting rules on how strict your checks should be, what checks should be performed (from identity verification to verification of source of funds), and what applicants should be declined or accepted depending on your regulation.
  3. Investigation portal for compliance officers enabling them to perform the whole re-check for suspicious cases with a set of technologies, features, and enhanced due diligence approaches – to make the final decision based on reliable and transparent insights.
  4. Regulatory reporting and custom analytics to provide specific insights and generate reports for banks, regulators, and management in a click. If needed, we may provide extra support in complex compliance matters. We help our clients to onboard non-face-to-face customers in accordance with the regulations by FCA, CySec, MAS, FINMA, BaFIN, HKMA, etc.
  5. Additional compliance modules such as crypto monitoring, chargeback prevention solution, and global consultancy on legal and compliance matters.